Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MY LAUGH COMES LAST - jamed hadley chase

Chase is of course a mastermind! his books are small, yet awesome. And this is one of his books, one shouldn't miss!
MY LAUGH COMES LAST is fast paced, intriguing and its climaX just leaves us speechless.

Larry Lucas, the main character is an electronic engineer who helps build the world's safest bank for Mr.Farrel Brannigan, the president of national californian banks & also Larry's mentor.

he then meets beautiful Glenda and falls in luv with her after which, a vicious gang of four people pin up a murder on him & blackmail Larry to help them rob the bank. they gang kidnaps glenda and holds her fugitive. . and now Larry has no choice . .

but the uneXpected turn of events and revelation of each person's character and everything else contained in this little book makes it a gr8 reading eperience :)